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Welcome to a place I hope that can help you become a beekeeper easily.

When I started beekeeping I was intimidated and overwhelmed by all the information about getting started. What was a hive body, frame, foundation, super, queen cell, Verola Mites, CCD? Yes I took a class and it gave me a lot of great information, but then I started to over analyze the information. If you are this far into looking into beekeeping you most likely know by now  that if you ask the same question to three different beekeepers you will most likely get three different answers. Boy was I overwhelmed, “all I wanted is to get a beehive!

When I went to purchase my first hive I went to Dadant. They were very nice but the decisions I had to make was harder than buying my first car. Did I want a  screened or regular bottom boards?, Did I want plastic or wood frames?, what kind of foundations did I want? The options were endless “all I wanted is to get a beehive!”

I now purchased my hive but have no bee’s! Now what am I going to do? I can order some and  wait 8 more months to spring delivery, I could get a Nuc  hive, or catch a swarm. What I found out is that you can’t run down to your local bee store and walk away with a swarm of bees. “all I wanted is to get a beehive!”

I finally ordered my bees and waited six months for the spring delivery, I got the call that my bees were in and I have 48 hours to come get them. I picked them up the next morning and then thought to myself,  now what do I do “all I wanted is to get a beehive”

Hi my name is David Heim and I want to help you get a beehive




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